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S6 / S9 Gantry parts

James from the official Sculpfun user group at Facebook created two parts of the gantry system of the Sculpfun lasers: (Download as LightBurn file)

Adapter for S10 module on linear upgrade kit

The S10 module fits only with the supplied adapter to the upgrade kit with the linear axis for the S9 frame. So that you do not lose so much space through the adapters, I have created a template here to laser yourself the bracket. Best made from a piece of acrylic so that the stability is sufficient. Download link (LightBurn file).

Camera Alignment

This is a LightBurn-specific feature that enables an image overlay of the real-world workspace on top of the software workspace. Using this, you can align your motif effortless. There is a step-by-step tutorial available in the LB documentation

Rotary – Y-Axis switch / selector

This is just a convenience modification, I wanted to avoid messing with the stepper cables each time I might need to change the Y-axis stepper (nearly exclusively the case if you want to attach a rotary to your laser). I build this switch to easily change between both motors and don’t need to reconnect anything. It’s simply a matter of pushing the switch and the other motor is active. I could not use the z-axis port since I plan to integrate a motorized z-axis to the laser head. I used this switch: Amazon-Link

Now the rotary is ready hanging at the side, I can just put it into the workspace and switch the button.