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Technical specifications

Collection of useful technical data for ordering spare parts or extensions.

This page is a bit outdated since it was mostly targeted on S6/S9-based mechanics. Specifications for newer models are usually listed on the pages to that specific models.

Mainboard S6/S9

The pictured board seems to be discontinued and is probably only included in old S6 lasers. The current S9 boards also contain the new features of the board mentioned below (despite the 1.0 imprint).

  • Plug / sockets: JST-XH 2.54 mm. 2-pin (laser), 3-pin (limit switch) and 4-pin (motors)
  • z-axis: Slot for stepper motor drivers such as A4998, DRV8825 or TMC
  • Other slots, e.g., for connecting switches or relays: pin header, 2.54 mm (compatible with Dupont connectors 2.54 mm).

Next revision main board

A new version of the main board was recently made available to me. Some changes have been made here in detail, which are yet to be investigated. The most noticeable change at first glance is the disconnection of the power supply from the USB socket. If the main board is only connected via USB cable, the microcontroller will not turn on. So now you always have a real reboot through the power switch. Another pin header has also appeared, J23 with RX/TX signals. After a first look, it might be possible to connect a display with offline controller here. But I can’t investigate that until I also have such a display.

As described above, the current 1.0 board has the same features, at least the interface for the display is also present.

Reference Design

The main board is very similar to the MKS-DLC main board. Therefore, this can be used as a reference for the wiring. The slots are mostly the same, I haven’t noticed any deviation yet (apart from obvious changes like the on/off switch or the missing AUX port). Further information can be found on GitHub.

Mainboard S10

Mainboard of S10. The layout of the S6/9/MKS design has been kept, the chip has been switched to an ESP32.

Mainboard S30 series

S30 series mainboard, including port descriptions.

Drive & Motors

  • Motors: Nema 17 stepper motors, 17HS3401S (connection cable: 4-pin JST-XH 2.54 to 6-pin JST PH2.0)
  • Belt: GT2 belt
  • Pinion: 20 teeth, GT2
  • Roles: Standard “open builds” v-slot roles
  • Frame: 20 × 20 v slot aluminium profiles
  • The ball bearing at the end of the x-rod are F685ZZ bearings, they tend to break quite often (see picture)
The missing part is a F685ZZ bearing.

Power Usage

I measured some levels of power usage for an S9 laser. Please note that I exchanged the steppers for different ones, so this might not be completely exact (my meter was also not very accurate, I guess).

  • Laser turned off: 6.8W (only the power supply plugged in)
  • Laser turned on, idle: 6.8W (short peak at 9W while the fan ist starting, then returning to 6.8W)
  • No movement, laser at 10% power: 9.12W
  • Single motor movement (4500mm/min), 0% power: 16W
  • Both motors moving (diagonal line, 5000mm/min), 100% power: 39W

This is for the S30 Pro Max:

  • Idle (only power supply): 9W
  • On (power switch turned on, fans spinning): 16W
  • Full power (both motors 5000 mm/min, laser 100%, no air assist): 91W
  • Full power (+ air assist): 95W