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Diode lasers – Introduction

Here is my beginners guide to use diode laser machines. During the last few months, I was active in various communities dealing with diode lasers, and I noticed many similar beginners’ questions were asked nearly daily. Since it’s easier to answer them once and provide a link to this information, I created these pages. Additionally, I don’t like watching YouTube videos with explanations because at many occasions (e.g., getting the kids to sleep, late at night) I am unable to turn on sound. I then like it more to read and being able to do it on my speed. This guide is structures in various subsections, each dealing with a different aspect of the system.

If you have any further questions regarding Sculpfun lasers, I recommend having a look at the official Facebook group for Sculpfun lasers. There is a vibrant user base that is helping each other through starting problems as well as advanced specialized topics.

Input welcome!

This guide is a work in progress, and I want to constantly improve it. If you have anything to add, found false information, errors, or the like, please let me know! I can also include your texts here, if they fit into the context. Just drop me an email or comment on the respective page. Thank you!

(We’ll start with some safety aspects)

11 thoughts on “Diode lasers – Introduction”

  1. Greetings from Down Under. An outstanding resource you have created here. Well done. As a recent convert to Laser engraving and the Sculpfun S9, I commend you on your work.

  2. Wow, you’ve send me this link on my instagram account (@3dprintbelgiandude), and again wow…
    This is so handy and very well written, this is gonna be my laser-bible for the future!

    Thank you very much for the time and effort you’ve put into this!

    Have a great day!


  3. Ukariwe Amoguukariwe Kalu

    I was encouraged/adviced by a friend to start a laser business with an assurance that she will mentor me, unfortunately after acquiring the laser machine and sculpfun s10 she abandoned me. I currently don’t know anything about this machine how to operate it or what I can be producing to make ends meet. Please I need an assistant. I am a Nigerian

    1. This page is a good assistant. If you go through each page, you will learn everything you need. And if there are any open questions, write a comment or have a look at the Facebook groups that are linked on the ressources page.

  4. I have never used a laser machine and in the past did all of my silver work or leather work by hand and have been asked by a church to make some bracelets ( sterling,Copper,brass,nickel) with scripture on them I also wish to use the machine to cut leather for baby moccasins or bags
    . Where do you recommend I begin?
    Ogima Conosemtig ( Chief TallTree ) Chippewa.

    1. This is two fold. I suggest having a look at the Sculpfun S30 5W or 10W version. You don’t need a very powerful laser for handling leather.
      BUT: you can’t handle any type of metal except stainless steel with a diode laser. So if you are looking to engrave copper, brass etc., you need to search for “fiber lasers”. Those are the only ones that handle metals.

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