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Welcome to Diode Laser Wiki!

Welcome to my little wiki / blog. Over the last few years I did a lot of DIY projects (mostly related to smart home, electronics, 3D printing, IoT etc.). Through all my work I searched thousands of websites, blogs, and communities for the information I needed. I could finish most of my projects successfully because of others sharing their knowledge, so I didn’t have to start from scratch. That’s why I finally started my little project here because I want to provide my knowledge and give it back to the community. Currently, I’m playing a lot with diode laser engravers, so most information you find here is related to them.

I use the Sculpfun laser engravers, which I highly recommend. All models are easily expandable, as shown in the instructions on this page. If these pages could convince you to buy a Sculpfun laser, I put some links on where to buy one on the resources page. Of course, most knowledge presented here also applies to all other diode laser brands as well. So, it should help you even if you don’t own a Sculpfun laser. Since the other brands so far rejected to support this page, I can’t provide hands-on experience on them.

With this site, I do not pursue any commercial interests, the links on these pages are no affiliate links. However, if you like to support this site, you can send some Euros to help me cover the costs of the webspace etc. Click the donate button at the bottom of the page! Thank you! Alternatively, you can support me by becoming a Patreon (it’s quite new to me, I hope it works 🙂 )

Sculpfun S6 – S30 / Diode Lasers in general