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Laser Upgrades

Work in progress
I’m extending this page when I have time to write those articles. I am always open to additional suggestions as well as adding your content if you want to place it here!

Limit Switches

Guide on integrating limit switches to enable automatic homing.

Air Assist

Set up air asist to support cutting and reduced smoke traces.

Relay control

Prepare a relay to control periphery like air assist automatically.


My learnings while building an enclosure for a laser

Safety door switch

Integrating a safety door switch to turn off laser when doos is open.

Rotary roller

Connecting and setting up a rotary roller.

Extension Kit

Setting up the Sculpfun extension kit for increased work space size.

Remote Control

Controlling the laser without having the main control PC connected..


Topics that didn’t really fit into the other categories (yet).

Change drive system resolution

Change the stepper and pulley resolution to get better imaging results

Technical Specs

Specifications of various parts of the laser: board, connectors, …

Mainboard replacement

Instructions on new mainboard installation and setup as well as firmwares for different versions.

Automated z-axis / focussing

How to automate the z axis and enable automated focussing

Camera usage

Use a camera to align your workpiece and project in LightBurn

2 thoughts on “Laser Upgrades”

  1. How many extra amperage I would pump from the 12v conector without problems? I want to plug a little fan in that connector.

    1. A little fan should be OK, I guess. Where exactly do you want to connect it? The normal 12V plug is blocked by the laser. You would need to add a Y-cable. The other two ports (Motor, Laser) are 12V but driven by the same PWM signal the laser gets. So, the fan would change speed in accordance to the laser power.

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