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RA Pro Max Rotary – Chuck

Here is the most important data and information about the RA Pro (Max). The difference between the two versions are the normal Rotary castors, which are included with the Max and are missing with the Pro. The Pro is therefore aimed at owners of a normal Rotary who do not need (and do not want to pay for) this function twice. Essential information can also be found in the extra article on rotary rollers.

Here are some shopping links: RA Pro Max (Sculpfun Store) or Geekbuying (Pro or Pro Max)

Technical Specifications

The most important technical data is summarized here:

CompatibilityCompatible with all Sculpfun lasers and the vast majority of lasers from other manufacturers
Scope/sizesRing: 10-102 mm
Sphere: 4-130 mm
Rotary: 5-198 mm
Rotation of the chuck position
6000 mm/min
0,1 mm
Weight, size300 × 11 × 140 mm, 1.78 Kg
User manualDownload

Setup + Settings

Setup is simple. Basically, the chuck only needs to be connected to the existing y-axis with the enclosed cable (the y-motor is thus shut down). Then all you have to do is make the correct settings in LightBurn or LaserGRBL. Here are all the steps as screenshots from the instructions. The instructions say that you should invert the y-axis in LightBurn. You can do this, or you can simply rotate the RA by 180 degrees, in which case you don’t have to change anything.

If you require any further assistance about general settings with Rotarys, you should definitely read this article: Rotary rollers and settings.

Sculpfun SF A9 (slightly different values apply here, as the axis have a different number of steps per millimeter):

All other Sculpfun models and other models with 80 steps/mm:


Nico has already started to tinker with the first modifications, in this case to be able to screw the castor holder onto the baseplate:

Official pictures

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