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Sculpfun IR-2 Infrared Laser

This page provides some information about the IR-2 laser head from Sculpfun.

Attention: The laser module has a wavelength of 1064 nm! This means that the usual protective goggles for diode lasers are generally NOT effective here! These goggles only protect in the 450 nm range. You therefore need new safety goggles! The windows of housings do not usually provide protection either!

Technical Data

Light Output Power:>2W
Product Material:Aluminum Alloy
Laser Wavelength:1064 nm
Working Mode:Pulse Operation
Spot Size:X: 0.03 mm Y: 0.03 mm
Power Supply:DC 24V (80W)
Product Size:144 × 50 × 58 mm
Product Weight:0.45 Kg


Setup is explained in the following video. A small note: as soon as the module is supplied with power, a red laser dot lights up. This is the positioning laser and not a malfunction / danger! As the laser beam is not visible, this laser dot is required for alignment. The firing function of LightBurn is therefore not necessary for alignment.

The module can be attached to almost all common diode lasers using the adapter plates supplied. This is also shown in the manual (download).

Function and materials

As far as different materials are concerned, you can take a look at these excellent videos:

Picture gallery

Here are some pictures (most from Hick & Sticks, thanks for all the great results!).

Here is another test series from Ingo:

Official pictures